Nukes Are Us…

April 4, 2009

In a recent report on energy, uranium and the distribution of it, the Saskatchewan provincial government has been told several things in regards to their uranium capabilities. The report, written by the Uranium Development Partnership, claims that the province could technically build a nuclear power plant. Saskatchewan has long been the worlds number one exporter of uranium for a wide variety of purposes. In fact Canada in general has had a long history of being a resource rich area for nuclear materials, even providing the elements required for the Atomic Bomb.

Possibly the new skyscrappers outside of Regina and Saskatoon?

Possibly the new skyscrapers outside of Regina and Saskatoon?

The report five-months in the making and over $3 million dollars (which due to current currency fluctuations, was paid for with Canadian Tire money due to its everlasting stability and high return for power tools) concluded that the plant could produce the highest level of return with long term jobs after construction, prove to be clean energy, cost effective, and cement the provinces role as an energy provider… we are after all in competition with the Kazakhstanies for that title…  and Australia is also catching up… CRICKEY!!!

Canadian Tire money... and who said it was all about the Bordens and Benjamins?

Canadian Tire money... and who said it was all about the Borden's and Benjamin's?

So Saskatchewan, the report says that if you pull it together you could be more than just grain, potash and a uranium exporter… you could make more medical isotopes so we won’t have to rely on the Ontario reactor which is on the blitz. Boom time in Saskatoon if all goes right, eh?!


Gordon Brown Proclaims “A New World Economic Order”

April 2, 2009
The ble nations are in the G20

The blue nations are in the G20

The G20 Summit was held today in London… no not London, Ontario but London, England. Twenty of the worlds top economies met to discuss the dire straights of this economic recession and its effects on the world as we currently view it. While the Northern Canuckistan could not make it to the summit, news reports of the lead up and of the meeting today have been broadcast on every form of media from a varied perspective, and now it’s time for a typically Can-eh-dian one. Over the last week protesters have flooded the London financial district to protest against the capitalist countries that brought the recession upon us all. Supported by environmentalists, peace activists, communists, anarchists in the U.K. (not just of the Sex Pistols variety), religious groups and just angry taxpayers were often loud and very clear with their demands. London police were often kept busy, especially when the Scottish Bank was broken into by the crowd, who were stopped before crashing into the Royal Bank of England next door.

The deal, as has been proposed, is that a trillion dollars will be used to stimulate economies. For those of us who cannot grasp a trillion dollars, it is this: $1,000,000,000,000.00

The money will be divided, with $500 billion going to the IMF, $250 billion to boost global trade, $250 billion for a new IMF overdraft, $100 billion for international development banks can loan to poor nations, $6 billion to be earned by the IMF by selling Gold Reserves to fund poorer nations.

They didn’t stop there however, to appeal to French and German concerns, the G20 voted to remove tax haven secrecy to regain lost tax income to fill the coffers, as well as a promise to have government oversight on investment banks and hedge funds.

The G20 Summit in London 2009

The G20 Summit in London 2009

We’ve seen this all before, in 1933 a similar conference was held to halt the onset of the Great Depression as seen in this video:

Whatever political ideology a person holds, and whatever they feel of this global economic forum to stimulate the markets, you must admit… the times they are a changin’…

The More You Know… 4.0

April 1, 2009
Go North, and then go North some more until you see Nunavut... then go further and youll be rushin to Putinland!

Go North, and then go North some more until you see Nunavut... then go further and you'll be "rushin" to Putinland!

Today the arctic territory of Nunavut celebrates its tenth anniversary as an independent territory in Canada after splitting up from the Northwest Territories in 1999. Nunavut covers about 1.9 million km² (750,000 sq mi) of land and 161,000 km² (62,000 sq mi) of water (a total of 2,093,190 km2 or 808,190 sq mi)… which is roughly the size of Western Europe.

The day be a celebration with fine cusine such as caribou, arctic char, seal and narwhal blubber. There will also be dancing and huge gatherings as each community was given $5000 to host these communal celebratory parties.

Virtual Reality Isn’t Just Virtual Any More…

April 1, 2009
Conficker Worm will infect your PC unless you patch

Conficker Worm will infect your PC unless you patch

Tomorrow is April 1st, 2009 and I’m sure many of you have no idea what the Conficker Virus is. Is it an April Fools Day prank, a data mining virus or something much much worse? So far over nine million computers have been infected worldwide, and some cannot seem to rid themselves of it as the malicious code restricts access to internet sites which offer patches. With millions of Zombie computers (which in any Hollywood movie would make for at least a good B level film) threatens to possibly be part of cyber warfare by an organized country or cyber anarchists. Needless to say it is the last thing the economy needs as many are still using the endless tubes of the internet to shop, and losing that confidence to buy stuff from your own home in long john underwear in the Canadian springtime is a crucial thing for people.

Zombie computers... could be a Hollywood film plot eh?

Zombie computers... could be a Hollywood film plot eh?

In other technology news, Tibetan Organizations have had their computers infected by a different malicious code of Great Wall proportions. Yes, it would seem as though China, whether through government sanction or “patriotic hackers” have infected thousands of computers the world over in order to keep tabs on Tibetans, Tibet sympathizers, and governments friendly with the Dalai Lama… yes, that means Canada. In actual fact it was Canadian researchers in Toronto who were asked by the Dalai Lama’s people to inspect the computers. Their research, spread over a ten month period, revealed that China was almost exclusively hosting all of the attack networks which would allow the hacker the same access as the normal administration user. The ability to spy using web cams, microphones and key strokes has many on edge.

Nart Villeneuve, left, Greg Walton and Ron Deibert discovered the spying operation dubbed GhostNet. (Globe and Mail)

"Nart Villeneuve, left, Greg Walton and Ron Deibert discovered the spying operation dubbed GhostNet." (Globe and Mail)

In Canada it would seem a dozen computers have been infiltrated, and the owners seem to have a theme of using Tibetan names or language for computer names… no doubt specifically targeted. However the other computers that were tracked were a wide range, from the Indian Embassy in Kuwait and Washington, charity organizations, political organizations and NATO (where it is rumoured they snooped around for thirty minutes before the, then anonymous

The Great Firewall of China... Keeping The Real Information Out! Hurray!...

The Great Firewall of China... Keeping The Real Information Out! Hurrah!...

hackers, got the boot). This revelation of information has brought condemnation on China. However the government, quick to say all this is non-sense and probably rogue hackers for the patriotic cause, claims that the people who made these accusations are of more importance.

This attempt by the Chinese Government, who lets face it… are the only ones that want to crush any Tibetan sybolic government under a leader asking for peace, is illegal and many hope that it will be persued by governments everywhere. Though Russia has used attacks over the internet before. Last year it attacked both Estonia and Georgia by using computer hacking. The result was that Estonian and Georgian based websites were completely taken offline and the nations were disconnected from the endless series of tubes that bind us all.

Glorious benevolent leader Putin is seen here trolling the forums to get leet hax skillz for the cyber invasion.

Glorious benevolent leader Putin is seen here trolling the forums to get "leet hax" skillz for the cyber invasion.

Just as reaction was harsh and furious to Russia, we can all expect that China’s latest actions will draw more criticism than when it was leaked that they were selling Mao Mix to the global black market.

Mao Mix... and the greatfirewall has now zapped any Chinese national viewers.

Mao Mix... and the greatfirewall has now zapped any Chinese national viewers.

Junos… Like The Grammys… Only Not

March 30, 2009

Well Juno weekend has come to all Canadians. Yes, that time where we hope to God that Nickleback and Celine Dion don’t win anything despite being nominated, all because the shows producers

Shania Twain really made an impression with her hockey outfits when she hosted!

Shania Twain really made an impression with her hockey outfits when she hosted!

believe that it will draw an audience… if anything it pushes them away. However we have moved passed those dark years, with the Shania Twain Renaissance when she hosted a few years ago, to the modern day glory (can we call it that yet?) of Indo-Canadian comic Russell Peters as number one host. Peters, who did the show last year too, has had plenty of experience hosting music award shows, often alluding to his stints hosting and presenting for the urban music awards held around the Toronto area over the years.

Back for round two... Russell Peters knows how its done

Back for round two... Russell Peters knows how it's done




What can be expected? Well the heavy weights will likely steal the show as usual. Expect to see Nickleback take some of the hardware, same with Sam Roberts, The Stills (who exploded onto the scene this last year), Dallas Green, Serena Ryder, Divine Brown, Alanis Morissette and others. There shouldn’t be too many surprises, with the exception of what could come out of Peters mouth once the show gets going.

The event, in Vancouver this year, has spurred a buzz in the city with shows in the downtown core  and a charity hockey game out at the new UBC arena. Many have compared it to a smaller, dry run of the Olympics in 2010. While many can and do make fun at the Junos expense, it really is a great made-in-Canada event , not just for the show itself, but more-so the weekend activities and city involvement. Let us hope the same sentiment will be felt in St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador in 2010.

Dark Was The Night

March 30, 2009

No, this is not the name of a new hip comic series/graphic novel soon to become movie, but rather an allusion to the topic of Earth Hour. Yes, the second annual event which happened globally was even larger and more impressive than before. To celebrate the wonder that is Mother Earth, people everywhere embraced the dark for an hour of their lives. To keep people occupied there were venues established in major downtown areas for group appreciation of their cause. However in a way only Toronto could, they threw a big concert downtown full of lights, music and glam… because as we all know, they are the centre of it all eh? Outside of Toronto (yes, there is such a place/thing!) other cities managed to cut electric use. New York City seemed to do one of the best jobs as the panorama video feeds were blacked out with the exception of a few windows in Times Square, making those lights look like stars.

Other activities which were suggested were eating a late romantic dinner by candlelight, going for an evening stroll, board games by candlelight or… you know… stuff

The event was made more popular this year in Canada and the globe by increased media attention and larger sponsorships. However in many places the whole thing was seen as being a symbolic gesture. In British Columbia for example all power is produced by hydro power and thus clean energy already. However, we will acknowledge Calgary as the most improved city in Canada as last year the Flames(/ers) game was in direct competition with environmental awareness, and it scorched Mother Nature to receive a valuable two points for the 2008 playoff chase. Good old Albertans eh?

However others criticized the move saying, with the new sponsorships the purpose of Earth Hour was lost. Advertising the cause/increasing awareness is great, but the Amish people live like that daily, as do the poor and many in Africa and other developing nations. So those who looked down on the event concede a symbolic victory for the Western World, yet perhaps a lack of attention to other equally important causes that just cannot dream of creating the same level of hype.

Canadians however can still be proud of their involvement, but Toronto… how much energy was pumped into that concert when we were supposed to cut usage? You folks better have used some carbon credits!

Avalanches In The Outback Out West

March 27, 2009

Sadly it appears more Canadians have died as a result of avalanches in the British Columbia interior region. Three men in total died, all were snowmobiling. The man who died in the Kimberly area was riding with five other men when the  avalanche swept over top of them, burying the man in his mid – late twenties. The other two victims were killed when riding snowmobiles in and around the town of McBride, south of Prince George. The two men, believed to either be cousins or brothers, were from the Edmonton area visiting BC. Today it was confirmed they had died as their remains were retrieved.

So far in British Columbia this year twenty-two people have died as a result of avalanches, making it a particularly deadly year. The majority killed have been snowmobilers and it’s a trend that has been growing as more and more people are taking these machines into the back country. While some are prepared prior to going, conditions can change and if the avalanche is large enough it will devastate everything and everyone. This was made painfully clear when a group of men from Sparwood, BC perished in a series of avalanches earlier this season.

This video is an example of how a snowmobile can cause an avalanche.